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A 2020 Site Revamp

It’s never ever easy working on a brand new website. It’s always difficult to determine what look and feel one is going for. The most frustrating part of it all is organizing and coming up with the content for this project.

2020 is a monumental year for me especially after having several saddening events happening to me in late 2019. One should never lull over these things and should always pick themselves up and continue moving upward and forward. I’m so happy that I have many supporting family members and friends that have been there in my life and who continue to encourage me even through my darkest of times.

Ink Two BBS is a project that I’ve been working on off and on throughout these past years and the website has been lacking in it’s development and growth. I hope to fix this and to make the new site thrive. I’ll start by posting the first blog post of 2020 in what I feel will be one of many to outline the progress of Ink Two BBS and the website itself.

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