server:    port: 6668

// Chat With Others on IRC
   Chat with other online users via our connection to the ArakNet IRC Server. If you'd like to connect to the IRC Server directly you can point your IRC chat client to "" or through our web client provided by Kiwi IRC. Remember to CHANGE your Nickname before hitting the button with "Start..." on it.

IRC Meetups

   If you'd like to HOST an IRC Meetup on our ArakNet IRC server, feel free to do so. Contact the sysop of Ink Two BBS at [email protected] and he'll add you to a broadcasted schedule of IRC Meetups so that others will know when to join in. It's fine too if you don't want to advertise your CHAT event.

Meetup Event Name
Hawk and Smooth's Weekend Meetup
Every Saturday @ 5pm EST (#araknet)
Social distancing and being confined to your home can weigh down on a person's sanity. Join us for some relaxing chatter. Release yourself from watching all that depressing news on TV and the noise on social media. Totally safe and fun for the whole family. Be sure to wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water before touching that keyboard!