Mystic BBS logo by GrimJack

Why Mystic?

Why did I choose Mystic BBS software? The first reason is that I’m already familiar to the setup when I originally launched iNK tWO bbs using Mystic BBS Software in early 2000s.  The second reason is it’s going to be awhile before Oblivion/2 XRM will be made available for public consumption. The third reason is that it already has an amazing programming language built in called Mystic Programming Language (MPL) that many coders have created some amazing tools and games with.  With the addition of Python support it provides so much more extensibility.  I’ve already created a few custom Python mods and am continually coming up with more ideas.  I have been inspired by several sysops who create their own custom mods like Darrell Perry, Christopher Malo, Andreas Apostolou, Tony Pascale, and Andrew Haworth.