Through the eclectic darkness of the inter-webs lies a hidden cyber community spanning generations of computer and high tech electronic geeks and nerds. Artists, musicians, programmers, and enthusiasts make up this underground populace. Telnet BBSes are the secret hangouts that you can escape too when you’re tired of the fake news, and the social media noise that take up your entire day.

Fake News - don't get lost in the all that noise!

Fake News – don’t get lost in the all that noise!

Many users log on to BBSes today for the nostalgic journey back in time. To experience the memory of an era where modems and clicky keyboards were the rage. With wikis, forums, and social media, why would we need BBSes? BBSes is a different rollercoaster ride that everyone must experience. Unlike the internet, many have not had the experience of logging on and being part of a BBS community.

Cyber Culture
Cyber Culture – Join the evolution revolution of online communities.

ArakNet is looking to bridge that gap of the elite BBSes of yesteryear by filling the void of what once was. It’s impossible to turn back time but we can adapt to change and promote innovation and excitement through the evolution of BBSes and not lead it to its demise.

This network will be the home of BBS software programmers, door game authors, custom mod creators, ANSI/ASCII artists, and the interactive giants of the demo scene. It will begin as as an invite-only network as we build community and will in the future open the gates for everyone to join. ArakNet will spin its magical webs to continue connecting to other systems across the globe.