Ink 2 BBS ANSI by RadMan (ACiD)


I used to run several Bulletin Board systems back in the early 1990’s.  I started being a sysop in the public domain using software such as GT Power BBS systems and even tinkered with RBBS and WildCat BBS software.  But they were all limited in what  I could do creatively.  The interfaces of these BBS systems at the time consisted of ANSI/ASCII art.  I started off as a BBS user that did ANSI art for local Bulletin Boards in Hawaii.  It was exciting and espiring to see artwork by Ebony Eyes (Lora Ruffner) There were no long scrolling ANSI art pieces as of yet.  Most of the art was still 80 columns by 24 rows.  The only available tool available for ANSI artists to use back then was the infamous TheDraw program.  You could draw ANSIs, do ANSImation, with the infamous blinking colors. Drawing ANSIs wasn’t enough, I had to run my own BBS system and customize it beyond the default setup.

Underground Scene bbs software hacks started popping up everywhere such as Renegade, Celerity, and iNiQUiTY.  The BBS software that I started to hack away at was Renegade.  Soon enough some of the ANSIs that I drew for my very first underground system called the “Dungeon BBS” began to leak out to the world.  I was contacted by Morbid Angel of a new ANSI art group called Nemesis who then recruited me as one of its ANSI artists.  He introduced me to Eid Youssef aka Ryec (author of Vision-X).  I became one of the first beta testers for Vision-X in Hawaii. It became the start of a long series of events that led me into other ANSI groups such as Legend, ACiDiCE, 27iNCH, and the creation of TekLordZ (elite ANSI group originating from Hawaii).  The Dungeon would become the infamous D2 (Dungeon 2) running Oblivion/2.  Ink BBS would follow running one of the first telnet BBS softwares during that time called Mystic.