Ink Two : IRC Chat

Adding the online IRC chat client to the website looks promising as more users have have clicking on the link and joining in on the chatter.  Looking forward to seeing more Ink Two users logging in.

The IRC web client has all the capabilities of a normal desktop client.  The chat automatically joins the #mystic channel but users can add/join any channel they want by entering ‘/join #channelname‘.

Example: /join #inktwo

For those that are unfamiliar with IRC, here are some common commands:

/join #channelname  (will allow you to add/join a new chat room)
/whois username (will allow you to lookup a user’s information)
/msg username (will allow you to send private messages to a user)
/nick nickname (will allow users to change their existing nickname)
/part #channelname (will allow you to leave a chatroom)
/quit (will log you off of IRC)