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Updated the Website (May 2018)

The Ink Two BBS website ( was stagnant for a long time as I stopped working on it since mid last year (2017).  But it’s time to get it going as to promote more users to visit the system.

I added a web access to telnet using fTelnet.  Users can now connect to Ink Two BBS without having to install a telnet client on their computer.  It lacks the capability of transferring files using z-modem but y-modem is enabled.  It also displays slight slower then a standard telnet client but is bearable.  I have it switching between two different font modes for ASCII drawn vs ANSI drawn screens on some of the views.

User interaction can also be done via my online implementation of an IRC web client.  I’m currently using Pequito’s IRC server (  It’s automatically joins the #mystic channel.  Although that’s the only channel that it defaults to connect to.  Users can create or join new channels using this web client.  By typing in a channel name after the ‘/join’ command they can create new or join other existing channels.  For example ‘/join #inktwo’ would allow a user to join or create a new ‘inktwo’ channel.

I added a section on the site called ‘The Goods’ to summarize what a user would gain access to on the board and what Ink Two BBS has to offer.  Ink Two BBS has 100s of games to play online, a bunch of message networks that users can have discussions on, and gigs of files available to download.

Ink Two BBS will continue to grow and innovate.  I’ve recently added ArakNet which is a collective of boards that are revolutionizing the BBS scene by either being authors of modern BBS systems, custom modders to extend BBS functionality, and artists that can help to shape the default UI of these BBS software to be unique and enjoyable to all telnet users.  This new network will help keep the interest and excitement of BBSing alive.